Shipping Information

The nationwide slowdown in delivery caused by newly implemented policies at the US Postal Service, has caused nationwide outcry, as items shipped via USPS are taking significantly longer to arrive.

The S. Harris Styles companies have no control over this issue. We cannot guarantee that any USPS advertised shipping times will be accurate. Shipping times are provided directly by the US Postal Service, through their Application Programming Interface (API.)

We wholeheartedly support the USPS and will continue to provide this great American Institution with our business. If you're concerned and would like to see changes, we recommend you contact your elected representatives to demand action on the apparent sabotage of the United States Postal Service.

Ways to help:
  • Tell your friends and text USPS to 50504 to connect with Resistbot. This will help you to connect with your elected officials
  • Twitter users: DM USPS to @resistbot
  • Use the website to find your elected officials